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Get smarter cloud backup, with zero hardware required, we provide delivery of the broadest coverage of data sources and lightning-quick recovery of any files on demand, all of this at affordable competitive rates.

We can back up OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange, Teams, OneNote, and data direct from Microsoft’s cloud.

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Frequently asked questions

To mitigate against the risk of ransomware, user mistakes, malicious behaviour and sync or configuration errors, all of which threaten productivity and business continuity.
Section 6 of Microsoft’s Services Agreement states: “We recommend you regularly back up your content and data . . . using third-party apps and services.”
Yes, but a simple recovery can be a massive problem if data has fallen out of the retention period and Microsoft (office) 365 has deleted it forever. Also, organisations put productivity at risk by being dependent on how fast Microsoft (office) 365 can recover data.

Microsoft 365 Backup - Do you have backups?

Due to the volatility of the ROE on the Rand/Dollar Exchange pricing cannot be supplied, please E-Mail Sales for current product pricing, thank you.



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