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and Design etc.

We Listen to your ideas

LISTEN: How else will we find out what great ideas you have in mind? We like to know who you are, what you do, what you sell, who your target audience is. If we know how great you are, we want your potential customers to know that too. We want to see your vision.

We design the layout and plan

PLAN: We specify a design lead time, we create a "template" design for you to see, we plan the additional content, then we add our creative touch, our unique styling, our magic flair and our hours of love to the design, and finally iron out all the odds and ends.

We Create & Publish

PUBLISH: Once you are happy with the design, we get to work on coding your website using the latest CMS Backend solutions, HTML 5 and CSS techniques. We develop the site. we make the menu go where it should. we create the content to fit into the design, Finally we test and fix our spelling and then we let you take a look...

We Launch & Go Live

GO LIVE: When you are happy, we go live. we launch your website into the stratosphere. Our after design Management solutions, SEO optimization and HTML Marketing further your marketing campaign, reaching out to your customers to better your end result.

We support Open-Source Platforms which allow us to customize our solutions to suit your requirements

We use the latest CMS, CSS and HTML 5 Technologies in our development to achieve our goals.

Domain Registrations & Management

Domain Registrations & Management
Need to register a domain? E.g

Not only can we host your website and E-Mail, we manage all your domains from to .com and all those inbetween.

We manage: your registrations, renewals, forwarding and parking and all your DNS Settings that go with it, Call us today.

HTML E-Mail Marketing

HTML E-Mail Marketing
A Website is not enough! You need to reach your clients on a new level

We offer HTML Marketing E-Mail Campaigns at very affordable rates. E-Mail you clients on a weekly or monthly basis with the latest updates, news and product offerings with a creative colourful e-mail campaign.

Web & E-Mail Hosting Services

Web & E-Mail Hosting Services
Need Website and E-Mail Hosting?

We offer extremely affordable Web & E-Mail Hosting using Parallels world class hosting platform. Hosting is available on Windows and Linux Servers for your Website. We offer various solutions for micro to massive options. Get Full Access to your required Hosting Platform, custom options available.

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